Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail


Due to the long-advanced booking process, redbikini needed to make a video which would excite seasoned hikers before the trail infrastructure was fully built.


To showcase the rugged splendour of the Kangaroo Island coast, redbikini knew that helicopter aerial footage was the way to go. We combined aerial shots and on-the-ground filming with hikers along the constructed part of the trail for a cohesive video narrative.


The Director and DOP arranged a recce flight to identify filming locations and the best time of day for hero shots. During the edit stage, we segmented the video into five parts to represent the five days of the journey, allowing us to translate the unique diversity of the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail.


The video enjoyed an international launch by the Minister of Tourism. Since opening in September 2016, the trail has grown steadily in popularity.

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