Ageing Well


With our climate, infrastructure, health facilities and innovative research into future technologies, Adelaide is well positioned to support ageing populations. This video sought to market Adelaide as a destination for ‘Ageing Well’ during the Premier’s visit to Shandong.


In order to illustrate futuristic technologies, redbikini embraced an element of ‘scientific forecasting’ based on existing research. Our goal was to make this video cross cultural, appealing to Australian and Asian markets alike. The use of text and visuals rather than voiceover ensured this video could be easily translated across languages.


redbikini combined live action and animation, covering key points such as innovative medical devices, training for aged care industry specialists, support for encore careers and cultural infrastructure in a four-week turnaround from brief to final delivery.


The presentation in Shandong was a success, and redbikini has since released a Chinese language version of the video.

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