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At redbikini, we are in the business of building meaningful connections between brand and audience. We harness the power of video to entertain, educate and inspire, and we truly believe that if you have the right content, the world is in the palm of your hand.

We appreciate that everyone has something to give and something to gain, and that’s what keeps this crazy industry ticking along. We’re passionate about finding a point of difference – the thing that is your brand’s and no one else’s.

And finally, we just really like overcoming problems. It is why we get out of bed in the morning, and why we sleep well at night.

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Value Driven

Budgets are not something we take lightly, and every decision we make carefully balances your aspirations and your limits. We maximise the mileage we get from footage, often by repurposing content for new audiences and channels.

Risk Management

At redbikini, we know that minimising risk is vital. We have systems and procedures in place to mitigate risk across intellectual property, workplace health and safety, on-time delivery and budget control.

Strategic Focus

Strategy is the foundation of what we do. We resolutely believe that when we take the time to get this right, then the ideas, the views and the ROI will come. Rest assured, your brand and your messaging are safe in our hands.

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